- Our Prime Mission -

The Vibe ...


Prime Entertainment Ventures produces and collaborates on, high energy electronic dance music parties.

We create a classic ambient vibe by combining three components: world class electronic dance music DJs, the venue itself, and the specific audience. The sights and sounds blend synergistically to provide our clientele with an exceptional atmosphere and leave them with the feeling, "this party is for me." 

Berlin TechnoThe centerpiece of our parties is the headlining DJ. He, or she, will take the crowd to new levels of euphoria, bring them down, and raise them up again. Whether it's ambient to melodic trance, vocal melodies, thick progressive bass, tech house, deep house, electro house, or dirty Dutch, the music is the key.

Complimenting the headliner, are the support DJs. Their purpose is to prepare the audience for what is to come. The party is complete with the addition of beautiful themed go-go dancers, LED dancers and a combination of live performances, aerialists, fire breathers, and confetti or balloon drops.

One amazing creation: the right sound, at the right place, for the right people.